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  1. Students should fill up the format very carefully with their fullest concentration to avoid unnecessary mistakes which may lead to future inconvenience for him/her.
  2. Exact marks scored throughout academics in all the cases should be filled up to 2 decimal places, with no approximations in any case. Candidates need to input the numbers like AB.CD only (don’t write AB.CD%)
  3. Standard% refers to the standard marks scored by the candidate as per his/her mark sheet issued by the concerned board/council/university.
  4. Actual% refers to = (∑ of marks scored considering all the subjects reflected in mark sheet / ∑ of total marks of exam considering in all the subjects reflected in mark sheet) x 100
  5. Category refers to General/SC/ST/OBC
  6. To provide Residence Landline number is mandatory. If landline is somehow not available, candidate should be advised to provide the mobile contact number of his/her father/mother or else of his/her guardian in absence of father/mother.
  7. Semester marks of the current course should be filled up to the latest semester.
  8. Achievements/Certifications of Academics/Non Academics, if any, should be provided in brief using key words only. No need to enlarge & expand the details for the same.
  9. Year gap(s) to be provided since Standard Xth onwards, if any.
  10. Backlog(s), while filling up the format, to be provided if not cleared till date. If already cleared with pass score then no need to mention the backlog of past case(s). However, it should be kept in mind that necessary changes regarding backlog(s) in future should be to be updated by the candidate through proper official intimation to the T & P Cell time to time via Placement Committee Members of his/her dept.
  11. While giving the names of the Subjects, it is strictly advised not to use any abbreviations. Use canal casing (For ex. English, Physics etc.)
* The data that you will be inserting has to be all correct according to your credentials. Forgery of the data might result in termination of your registration.
Permanent Address
Present Address

*Exact rank required!

*DO NOT fill this up by guess work!

*Your registration may be cancelled during data verification!

*Enter the password you received in your invitaion mailer.

  • *Core Technical Strength means subjects you are interested in
  • Format eg1.: DBMS , Operating System , Networking
  • Format eg2.: Thermal Engineering, Power Systems , Microprocessors
  • *Computer languages must be comma separated

If applicable